4.2.1. GZFOR3D

This program performs forward modelling. Command line usage:

gzfor3d mesh.msh obs.loc model.den [topo.dat]

and will create the forward modelled data file gzfor3d.grv. Input files

All files are in ASCII text format - they can be read with any text editor. Input files can have any name the user specifies. Details for the format of each file can be found in Elements of the program GRAV3D. The files associated with GZFOR3D are:

  • mesh.msh: The 3D mesh.
  • obs.loc: The observation locations.
  • model.den: The density contrast model in g/cc.
  • topo.dat: Surface topography (optional). If omitted, the surface will be treated as being flat and the top of the 3D mesh. Output file

The created file is gzfor3d.grv. The file format is that of the data file without the associated standard deviations. The forward modelled data are in mGal.